Integrated Body Psychotherapy

A relaxed state of joyfulness is our natural state of being. 
However, interruptions to this well-being occur, and range from common childhood disappointments to significant trauma. As a result, we often form unhelpful, unconscious habits and reactions that we continue to live out in our lives. 

Naturally, we all strive to return to a state of joyful aliveness; however, we can become frustrated with the obstacles we experience, both in relationships and within ourselves. New events can trigger painful "old" feelings which resurface with an intensity that makes them uncomfortable to live with.

IBP uses tools such as breathing, body movement, and boundaries to increase our awareness of the interruptions to our well-being.

The goal of IBP is to increase our awareness of these interruptions or habits, with the ultimate goal of increasing our ability to tolerate and sustain a state of well-being.  

Barbara is a certified practitioner in Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP).

IBP is a body-focused therapy that can be used to address a wide variety of presenting issues including

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • major life changes such as
    • grief
    • divorce
    • job stress
    • relationship issues  

IBP is a unique approach and different from traditional talk therapies in that it uses both awareness of the body and breath to help clients release holding patterns and restore a feeling of well-being.  

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