Assessment of Children & Adolescents

Your child may benefit from a psychoeducational assessment if: 

  • your child struggles in one or more areas of school, such as reading, writing, or math
  • your child is struggling to stay focused, organized, and complete tasks
  • your child finds homework time frustrating; and it is often a battle to get things done
  • your child complains about school and does not feel good about him/herself as a learner
  • your child has social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties that are interfering at home and school
  • or your child is bored or or seems to be lacking challenge in the regular classroom    

Assessment is available in the following areas:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Attentional Difficulties/ADHD
  • Giftedness
  • Social or emotional concerns

  • A psychoeducational assessment can: 

    • Provide parents with an understanding of their child's learning style as well as areas of strength and difficulty
    • Provide an accurate clinical diagnosis of  learning or attentional issues
    • Provide a list of specific and concrete recommendations and strategies for home and school
    • Lead to specific supports within the school
    • Lead to a more positive and successful school experience 

    I offer entrance assessment for programs such as Westmount Charter School, GATE programs, and other private school admissions. Assessments are for preschool, Kindergarten, as well as school aged children.

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