Play Therapy with Children

Children may need some special help after a stressful or traumatic event or during life changes. Yet most young children are not able to express their feelings and emotional needs with words. 

Just as they learn through play, children express their emotional world, grow, and heal through play. Play is the expressive world of the child.


In play therapy, the play room is filled with toys designed to stimulate the imaginative world of the child. By communicating through the world of play, the child can express concerns, receive support, and work through changes and stressful experiences. 

Using play therapy, the therapist can provide parents with direction for supporting their child, and involve parents in the healing process where appropriate.  



Play therapy is used to assess and treat a variety of issues, including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • adjustment to divorce
  • trauma; physical, medical, or emotional  
  • behavioural challenges
  • attachment difficulties 

Barbara works with children and adolescents of all ages; and has advanced clinical certification in play therapy.

Play therapy is often a good fit for young children from 2-12 years old

The decision to use play therapy or another therapeutic tool will be based on your child's age, presenting problem, and his specific needs.

For example, filial therapy is used to address attachment difficulties. 

Children may be seen individually or with their parents; however, parents are always involved in a consultative role.   

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