Barbara Verveda, Registered Psychologist

Barbara Verveda is a Registered Psychologist
in the province of Alberta with over 15 years of therapy and assessment experience.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Calgary; Barbara has developed several diverse areas of expertise including child play therapy, psychoeducational assessment, and adult body focused therapy (IBP).

Barbara works with a range of clients from very young children, adolescents, and their parents; as well as working with adults individually.

Before settling into private practice, Barbara worked in settings such as an in-patient facility for at-risk youth; a family violence center; and a child focused therapy practice, as well as running groups for children of divorce.

As a practitioner; Barbara believes in the innate potential of the individual and family system towards healing and well-being. Thus, the role of the therapist is to provide effective tools that allow the client to restore balance and increase day to day well-being. 

"Our bodies have the information and resources necessary to restore balance; therapy provides the tools to allow this to happen"



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